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Today should have been lonesome.

Due to the fancy technical upgrades to CNN’s studios and control rooms AND where we are in the election year cycle, Mr. Wonderful has only had two 2-days weekends since end of July. He better carry every single vacation day over to next year and use it or he’s going to have to find a new trophy wife.

It’s miserable for him. I feel guilty about feeling sulky because we can never have any fun. Which is tacky to bitch about. Bite me. The universe is out of order when he has to work this hard. We aren’t getting any younger. See what I mean?

When he is home, he’s pooped. The last thing he wants to do is chatter with me, or go for a hike. He doesn’t say it but you know he’s thinking, “OMG I love you but I spend all day taking to people.” I understand that this is the regulation default setting until (first 100 days second term) election night. Been there, done that.


When an old friend told me she was having 20 teenagers over (Homecoming), I jumped at the chance to help her cook ziti to feed the herd, take pictures and watch adolescent bonding behavior. I’ve missed it now that the kids are adults.

Egads! What I would give (IF I knew what I know now) to be a 17-year-old girl going off to college! Seriously – someday they will rule the planet. The universe will be a better place. I am so excited about that. Those girls are so much smarter and kinder than I was at that age.

Anyway – thank you Kathy, for being such a great friend and sharing your child and her friends.

In other, not so grumpy news, my Daughter took Monster the Wonderbunny to the Vet. He was much better behaved this year and didn’t spend the whole time biting the vet. Mr. Vet estimated that Monster was 3 years old and “with the kind of care he is getting, could live another 11-12 years.” I’m still giggling about that. My Daughters other pet was a fish which had a tragic demise.

So much for them getting a dog this decade. That rabbit will live long enough to chew everything they ever have, ever. Which, I guess, dogs do too. Hee.

Last time Monster vacationed here, my son was packing for college. This action was so exciting (all those boxes! Boys room open for exploration!). He ate a hole in my dining room carpet and shaved the fringe off half the rug on the landing. He munched assorted floorboards, doors, plants and anything else on or near the floor. He was a very busy bunny the whole time and I was never so glad to give him back to his Mom. I'm also very glad he didn't get smished. He was so nosy and worked hard to be underfoot every single second.

Monster would also up-periscope‘d me most every morning. I’d open my eyes, fresh awake, my personal and well documented most evol time of the day. There would be the rabbit, ears pointed forward, on his hind feet, nose to nose. Monster has glowy red albino eyes and thinks dawn is time for a treat.

I’m always thrilled to stomp downstairs crack o dawn and give a gamboling bunny a yogurt covered blueberry. Actually, it is really cute (he has to do something to make up for the chewing) but who wants cute at the butt crack of first light?

Where was I? OH – Monster at the vet. Who also told my Daughter “He’s not fat, but don’t let him gain any more weight.” So my Daughter bought Monster a leash. The first try was an epic battle, but apparently Monster had a terrific time walking the hall today.

To quote:
“Yeo, he’s fast. Sniffed every single door and listened in on what everyone was doing and minded everyone’s business and did NOT let the nice lady pet him. Then he had enough and laid down, so I picked him up and brought him back.”

This makes me laugh
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