empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,


Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes and concern. LJ is an amazing community.

Just heard from my Son in Philly - he's in and safe and still has power. My Daughter - same. Home, has power, isn't going to do something dumb like take the bunny for a walk.

Mr. Wonderful is at CNN until at least 11pm - since DC is backing up NY programming tonight. He's staying at a hotel downtown because if he drove home in this mess I'd kill him for fun.

I ventured out - drove to my Parents (up the street) and had dinner. The block between us doesn't have power, but they do and so do I. The wind was howling a while back, but seems to have calmed down for now.

In the spirit of stooped, I'm watching old eps of Criminal Minds on ION tv because what else should you do alone on a dark and stormy night? Hopefully it will gross me out enough to STOP EATING as amusement.
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