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Six more days

Six more days till Team Rape goes away for another 4 years. Buh bye dumbasses!

Egads! Carl Rove has been around since the Nixon ‘dirty tricks’ campaign, but remember when the Republicans weren’t run by assholes like Limbaugh and Trump?

My Dad has always been a GOP’er and my Mom has always leaned Democratic.

Although it’s been a problem for Washington since the 1st Bush’s presidency, our family never squabbled over politics. We still agree to disagree, but I’M ALWAYS RIGHT THIS YEAR. I am so sick of women’s health and pay being election year issues. This shit should have been settled decades ago. If you are a male, I’m no longer interested in your opinion about any ‘Woman Issue.” I’m pissed. I told someone on LJ that Hurricane Sandy was my ire over this election cycle.

Men are too stupid to govern. Why are we letting them? RISE UP SISTERS.

Um- sorry! In addition to the nonstop Obama/Romney ad, Maryland is also in hysterics about gambling and gay marriage. There is a contingent of pearl clutching religious types in oscillation over the certain Yes outcome to both issues. I can hardly wait for them to be more miserable.

I also want my Husband and Daughter back from CNN. At least for a break before inaugural. January should be a busy month. I hope that we are snowed in for a week in Feb. Mr. W can wear his pj’s every minute he isn’t shoveling and sleep on the couch all afternoon. I can make bread, soup and cookies. There is a heaven.

Daughter, btw, was over for dinner last night. She’s assigned to Boston/Romney Campaign Headquarters to cover until the Mittens concession speech. Before she left she came over to drop off Monster and mooch dinner. She looked so cute, black sweater set, red jeans and black motorcycle boots.

Then Mr. W said “Santa Claus.” Once we all finally stopped laughing that is all we could see. Next time she’ll wear cute flats with that outfit.

In honor of being all pissed off, I’ve been shopping. New shirts, jeans and pair of shoes that aren’t size 11 men’s (my feet are the size of aircraft carriers) running shoes. Also, a new pair of size 11 men’s running shoes. Then I ordered books, cds, earrings and I forget what else. So I’ve got a jump on Christmas. Charge!

I leave in a few more weeks for the Caribbean Cruise, otherwise known as Mom bails on Thanksgiving. I’m my Cousin the Travel Writer’s plus one since his girlfriend is away at a Buddhist retreat. Which seems to me to be a Caribbean Cruise without the booze and food. It’s not a place (Caribbean, not Buddhist retreat, although when I think about it: samey) that I would have thought to go on my own. But free? OK!
My guidebook research and googlefu have turned up one World Heritage Site and one decent museum. I might be the only person alive who doesn’t get thrilled by overeating, drinking, gambling and roasting at the beach. Luckily, my Cousin is a Mormon, so he’s not much of a drinker. Also – he has elevated picky eating to a science. I think his only food group is gas station pizza. Which is good – because I don’t want to come waddling home any fatter than I already am. I’m plenty ample enough already, thanks.

My beloved Miss Peg posed a question the other day. Whatever are we going to do with all the brain space once this election cycle is finally over?

I’m looking forward to reading about legislative deals addressing the budget and immigration. And though it doesn’t matter to me anymore, I’m thrilled that women will have health insurance that will cover their birth control. Sweet Jebus on water skis – if you’re anti abortion, why would you object to birth control?

Please let this election be over….
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