empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Election Day morning

I'm happily gloating over the outcome of the election. Mr. Wonderful came home at noon, exhausted, stinky and really pleased. CNN won the ratings. He's worked hard at both the technical buildout at the bureau these last few years and also at the election coverage. He sent me this email election morning and I'm sharing it with y'all.

It’s 8:30 AM and the sun is shining on this cold Election day in Washington, DC.. It’s November 6th and you can feel winter creeping closer each day.

Control Room A is running on auto pilot as the Early Start program is now in full swing. The program will run live until 9AM. We then get a break until 4Pm when the Situation room airs.


In between, we will be supplying a steady stream of guests for other CNN programming, networks and other “visitors”.

Here is one such visitor, TV Asahi from Japan. This crew has been doing stand-ups all night due to the time difference between Washington and Tokyo.


B and C Control are simply waiting for programming later in the day. When our full election coverage is up and running, we will be using all three of these rooms simultaneously to deliver the programming. A-Control will act as the overall control room while B and C provide all of the complicated Election graphics and imagery for the Studio wall systems. A fourth control room, V-Control, will be delivering the virtual graphics used throughout the night as well.

A very dark B Control awaits...

A more brightly lit C Control – It has windows!


Finally – here are just a few of the alternate candidates I bet you did not know where also in the running...


And my favorite...
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