empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

If its not the election, its the rabbit

Last weekend, while Mr. Wonderful was feverishly working on pre election rehearsals at CNN, I was supposed to go away for a beach weekend with girlfriends. Then Hurricane Sandy happened and beach weekend turned into dinner out Friday night.

Everyone not me wore a shit ton of perfume. It was horrible. I came home coughing, sneezing and choking, with watery eyes, stuffy nose and a nice start on an asthma attack.

Comforting me in my misery was Monster the Wonderbunny. I had him because Daughter was in Boston with the Romney campaign and Son-in-Law was working nonstop shifts at the Firehouse – Hurricane Sandy/Election whatever – and would be gone for several 48 hr periods.

You can’t leave Monster alone that long, because he would eat your house. Sersly. He is a rodent and his mission in life is to Chew The World.

If you don’t mind that, Monster has turned into a charming pet – esp considering all he did at first was tremble under furniture. Now he loves being petted, comes when called, hops on my Daughters lap with the slightest encouragement, and in a real break though – will hop on the back of the couch to better paw your head, chew your hair or stick his nose in your ear. He’s also litter box trained and doesn’t bark.

So there I was Saturday morning – miserable with allergies, and a bunny (imagine my thrill to find the rabbit on my couch) trying to eat my ear. My eyes swelled shut and I had a lovely asthma attack. Turns out that breathing isn’t optional and I had to call my SIL to come get the bunny before I died of allergy.

It took a few days to recover. I’m breathing fine now. HOWEVER – my SIL was very concerned with Monster being alone in the apartment for a 24 hr period and asked if I could “check on him.” SIL told me “I set up an area for him which I think will keep the carpet safe, and I don’t think he can get out. But if he does, I’m worried he won’t get back in to where his food and litter box are.” So off I went to check on the %^&&* bunny.

Turns out my sweet SIL had done this to the apartment:
Monster condo

For the record - Moved all the furniture out along the walls. Bought a rug to put over the carpet so Monster would have something to chew that doesn’t impact the renter deposit. Created a walled rabbit condo with boxes. Which was reinforced with a fan, coffee tables and several chairs. I’m not exactly sure why there is a Disney Princess towel over the cage, but I was giving myself asthma again from laughing too much, so whatever.

Seems to me it would have been much simpler to leave the effing creature in the cage for 24 hours but that might have hurt Monster’s feelings.

I hope my Daughter doesn’t get back till SIL has a chance to put the apartment back together. I think it would be easier if they just had a kid……..
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