empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

It isn't easy living with me

In my reality, whenever there is a marriage enhancing moment in this house, it is directed By me To Mr. Wonderful. Boy Howdie - the shoe was on the other foot this weekend.

It started Saturday night at the James Bond movie. I don't normally have to Bond because my Husband and Son love the movies and don't inflict them on the me. HOWEVER - with my Son off to college AND since Mr. Wonderful had survived (at least till Inaugural ramp up) election season, he got to pick the movie. So off we went.

SPOILER ALERT - Snore. It took 3 effing hours for everyone to shoot everyone dead and blow everything up. Daniel Craig took off his shirt, WHOOPIE - but for that amount of time I think I had earned full frontal.

We drove home in the miffed silence long married couples have when forced to see a movie together that only one of them likes. James Bond needs to meet Zombies OR at least have someone call him Jimmy/Jimbo once or twice.

THEN TODAY - Mr. Wonderful finally said to me:

"Please stop being such a horrible gloating winner. I'm going to jab my eyes out if you don't turn off the Sunday morning news shows. AND please quit shouting 'I feast on your tears' at the tv. Obama won, hurray, let it go."

Sometimes it's hard being married to me.
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