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Sometimes life is veryveryvery GOOD

I've been on a streak lately and only in town for a few days this week, so I decided to post an email I sent to family & friends while I was on my latest adventure. Here goes:

I’ve been very busy having fun. Friday night was the CNN post election party at Madame Tussand’s Wax Museum in DC. Wolf kicked it off with Party in the House Tonight karaoke. My Daughter then proceeded to bring down the building with I Will Survive. Trust me when I tell you that News people are huge hams.

I was up at 5am the next morning, on my way to Ft. Lauderdale. Next to me on the flight was an aide to Reince Priebus. Because I look like someone’s Grandmother, he confided in me how disappointed he was by the current presidential election.

SCORE. I hadn’t had coffee, it was 7am and a 27-year-old male was complaining about the loss of white male manly privilege. WoW – he was trapped next to me for 2 ½ hours. I got to vent all my ire at the current state of the GOP, complete with some choice jabs like: cranium rectum disease, vagina monologues, why wouldn’t women want equal pay? Plus hahahaha neaner neaner neaner.

Believe me when I say: the fasten seat belt light blinked off and he BOLTED for the door. He had to throw away his underwear. The cabin was snickering and a woman shook my hand as I left. Best Plane Ride Ever.

I’m currently on the “Mom Bails on Thanksgiving” cruise. My cousin the travel writer is doing a piece for Island Magazine and his girlfriend couldn’t come. So I hopped at the chance, since all it’s costing me is a $145 airfare.

I’ve got a stateroom with a balcony, free everything, books to read and will NOT be cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for my family. So far I’ve eaten (apparently it’s the prime onboard activity when you aren’t at Money Separation Centers buying stuff) a metric ton of food. Minions scurry to do my bidding, which is mostly: provide beverage. Tomorrow I’m going to book free spa. Massage anyone?

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