empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Merry Merry Christmas

Mr. W and I are having friends over for pizza that I’m ordering from a nearby pub. I’m not up for cooking it from scratch today – but we really wanted to see our buddies AND I made fresh salad and honey cookies. Good enough.

I came home from workout/grocery shopping/errand running Friday and have hardly moved from the house. I figure all the people who didn’t get it done before would be out in force Sat & Sun, so time for tv and a glass of wine. Plan worked well.

Daughter and SIL came by last night – we had Korean BBQ from a great place right around the corner – they cook the meat at the table and it comes with all sorts of kimchi. We stuffed ourselves and then watched bad Christmas movies. It was fun, not unlike when the kids were little, except (no one spilled their milk or melted down) now they go out after and we go to bed.

Besides the SEASON - we celebrated Son's 3.5 GPA. WooT!

This is my first Christmas dealing with unexpected loss. I know I’m lucky that I’ve had so few tragedies in my life. I want to find the grace over the next few days to be comforting and remember to count my blessings. I hope I can find the right words for my Aunt and Uncle.

I sent flowers to my Fataw buddies. The card it says ‘Better days ahead.” Which, I decided was better than my first choice - “Thank you for not dying.”

They get delivered on Christmas Eve, my personal time for feeling the greatest hope.

I hope all my lj buddies have a lovely next few days, full of friends, family and necessary solitude.
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