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It’s safe to say that I’m not getting Christmas cards out.

I finally realized that I didn’t do cards for the same reason that a year-end posting to LJ has been hard for me. This year sucked and then in December I had a mental ‘I Hate Christmas’ meltdown. I was too busy being miserable to mail cards. Maybe in February? We’ll see.

I need an attitude adjustment. I wish I could just pick one up at Costco. Doing it yourself is hard. I’m turning into a whiner. YUCK.

Goodbye 2012 – you sucked green monkey dicks and I’m glad to see the last of you. I hope it wasn’t the beginning of a trend. I lost people I loved this year, saw friends suffer horrible illness. And I gained a shit ton of weight. Which is my own fault.

On the very plus side – The Daughter is fully launched, happily married and having a hugely successful career. Son is halfway + through college and is always on the Deans List. Mr. W had a very successful year, even with all the stress of the political season. I had a ton of fun with my new job, which should start up again in Jan.

I finally got to meet face to face with enigmaticblues, which was WONDERFUL. Thanks again Sweetie!

So today I painted my parents powder room, took down the Christmas tree & sent Mr. W and Son to take Deerzilla and the pigs out of the tree in the front yard. The SURRENDER BENTZ sign died in the big windy rain a few days after Christmas. I was sorry to see it go.

I have a long to do list for January – mostly home projects I didn’t get done last winter due to the death of my Cousin. I’ve also AGAIN promised myself that I’ll get in shape – which is hardly worth mentioning since obv it’s not going to happen. Maybe I should just resolve to be old and fat and then count my efforts as successful.

So why am I so cranky? I have no idea – but I spend part of every day being pissed off. I’m baffled by my attitude & seem to be stuck. Somebody dope slap me please!
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