empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Not bad for limited mojo

Operation Getting My Mojo Back was successful today. I managed to live through my workout AND lift weights. Somehow I managed not to lie on the floor of the gym and sob.

I also decided to do something about a major stressor and marched into the locker room announcing, “If I see a cellphone, I’ll murder someone.”

That earned me the stink eye from the yoga crowd, but I’m tired of making people put their internet connected cameras away in the Naked Place. Screw being polite, I’m not kidding anymore.

I looked at the woman who always has her phone in hand and said, “Truly I mean you. Wanna see if I’m serious? I just don’t have it in me to be polite anymore.”

Since the room was crowded and I was loud, she just mumbled “Sorry” and stowed it. I ran into her after my shower and told her that being naked around cameras made me miserable. She laughed. I should have spoken up months earlier.

Today was all about Getting Krap Done. I got to the library, grocery store, car wash. Taking advantage of having # only Son at home from college, I arranged for a special trash pickup. The mattress in the basement will soon be history. I think I scored an interview on NPR for Stan-the-Man and his new book. GO ME!

Then I made a great dinner and now I’m going to bed. I only have so much mojo. Tomorrow I’m going to the DMV and get my drivers license renewed. I’ll either get over admitting my weight to a stranger or you’ll read about it in the Washington Post Metro Section on Friday. Could go either way.
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