empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

AND in Other News

My Daughter has rocked CNN and Our Nations Capitol today. Here are her two articles:

Sen Kirk returns

and No one likes Boehner

She's going to be at the Capitol all day tomorrow for CNN covering the start of the 113 Congress - which has a record 20 women in the Senate. Talk about an major legislative UPGRADE! You can follow my girl on Twitter.

There will be lots of drama to watch tomorrow - Votes in the House on Hurricane Sandy relief, and hopefully our elected assholes will take up the Violence against Women act and quit screwing around with the safety of women in our country. Plus - its really fun to watch the House GOP participate in the circular firing squad! They should be in full internal shambles/civil war with each other tomorrow. It's a JOY to watch.

Finally - confusedkayt and enigmaticblues -- I wish you'd consider running for House of Rep. They could use some smart women to balance out the stoopid men. Seriously - your country NEEDS you.
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