empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Yeesh and BONFIRES

So I’m somewhere near Dayton Ohio. I offered to help my buddy pack up her Mom’s home. We got here Sunday night and so far we’ve filled 50 hefty bags for trash pickup. Then we filled 40 bags with clothes and linens and dropped off with the Lutheran Ladies. It has been hard work.

We have 3 kids coming over to haul the trash to the curb for special pickup since I’m TOO DAMN OLD. My Buddy is very fit and very in to healthy eating. About 4p today I told her “I’ve had a banana and a muffin so far today. I know that for you that is a successful day of eating, but I’m about to cook and eat you.” Off we went to Panera Bread. A sammach didn’t really cut it – but I’m making her take me out for real food tomorrow.

We finally knocked off the cleaning/throwing stuff away/general organization about 10p. I took a shower to get dust out of my everything. Now we are drinking wine. Both of us are halfway trashed, which makes my aching muscles happy.

This is what I have learned. Before you die, set all your belongings on FIRE. A huge conflagration is much better than having your kids have to sort through all your stuff and work this damn hard.

Now I’m going to pass out.
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