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It has been a long week. I’m back home and haven’t set my belongings on fire. Yet. Mission 2013 = get rid of all my stuff. Seriously. I wish I could downsize into one suitcase and travel for a few years. Must Win Lottery.

First day back I worked out and met my beloved Miss Peg for sushi. Since it is positively balmy in Our Nations Capitol, we opted to walk to Whole (paycheck) Foods. Laughing in the sunshine, my phone rang. My Mom, now in Arizona for the winter, had fallen and broken her foot. They were in the ER.

My first instinct was to immediately get on a plane. Sane talk with my Mom and Dad convinced me to stay here. I have publicity work with Stan as the book has been released. Plus – with Mr. W immersed in Inaugural, I need to take Number Only Son back to Expensive U. I can’t just drop and run.

My Mom has an operation in her future, made more dangerous because she’s 83 with congestive heart failure. I’m stressed and anxious. AND very sorry I talked back so much in my teen years.

Guilt is a wonderful thing.

SHIT! I feel like 2012 might have been the preview of a long miserable slide. Then I tell myself to Buck the Fuck Up and Carry On. I can get on a plane the minute they want me. Until then, don’t be part of the problem, right?

I feel so bad for my Mom. I also wonder if I’m punting responsibility? I’m dubious about leaving her to the tender mercies of my Dad. This is going to be a long winter.

Then, I had the strangest experience this morning. I walked into the DMV to renew my driver’s license and I was the only person there. It was bizarre. I had come with coffee, the newspaper and a book. I was in and out in 10 minutes. Talk about a happy surprise. I’m clear of that place for another six years.

Cleaning out the house in Ohio, which was a lesson in mortality (and a preview of my future )plus worrying about my Folks has had a ridonklous effect on me.

I’ve had a major bout of Lutheran Sleep Response. It’s amazing how easily and how much I can stay unconscious when stressed. I’m averaging 10 hours a night of dead to the world asleep! Honestly, if I could sell this trait to the world, I wouldn’t have to win the lottery.

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