empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

So much is in osculation around here right now. Husband and Daughter are deep into CNN’s Inaugural coverage. Build out of remote sites in DC are done, rehearsals starting. I won’t see either of them till next Wednesday.

Here is a picture from today – Father and Daughter CNNers – hard at work.

Tom & Leslie

This is the Lafayette Park anchor location. Daughter is working at the site. In the how-about-that-universe part of life – my last remote for ABC News before quitting to be an at home Mom of a young Daughter – Lafayette Park. It was GHW Bush’s Inaugural. Four years later I was working for CNN and now they are.

I take Son back to Expensive U on Saturday. I’ll miss him – all that energy is so much fun to be around.

In Other News: Mom is still in the hospital in Az. Once they spring her from the Big House she’ll be in a rehab facility for an undetermined period of time. She won’t be walking for at least two months.

And finally the most important thing.

Today is the 1-year anniversary of my Cousin Michael’s untimely death. Everyone reading this - tell someone you love them today. You just never know.
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