empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Letting Go

Since Mr. W is totally immersed in inaugural rehearsals, I take my Son back to Expensive U alone tomorrow. In honor of this occasion, I totally whiffed dinner. I’m not quite sure what I was making, but boy howdy, did it take a turn towards horror movie.

So we went out to dinner. Me, Mr. W and Favorite Only Son were talking and laughing. Then Son said, “I’ll prolly be in Philly over the summer and LA next semester, so I won’t be home for a long time.”

My heart clenched in my chest and Mr. W caught my eye. We smiled at each other and at our beautiful boy. Then we ate our dinner. And came home and packed up the car.

I love the man he has become, but I miss that little boy every day. I’m glad I’ll be alone for the ride home. I hate it when anyone sees me snivel.
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