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I’m not even sure what day it is.

SO I get a call from Az. Mom is being released from rehab and can I come help with the transition? On a plane I go. It’s been busy around here. For all that this is a one floor place, it wasn’t set up for a Mom in a wheel chair. First night home, Mom fell in the bathroom and I had a stroke, heart attack and permanent brain damage from hearing the thump and finding her on her knees. YEESH.

We’ve had a busy week. Now we have grab bars installed everywhere. The furniture is arranged so a wheel chair or walker won’t knock over bookcases or catch on anything. I made 15 meals for the freezer. I’m scared to leave because suddenly my Parents seem fragile. Tomorrow should be hell - I have a 4 hour layover at the Houston airport.

I’ve got a busy time coming up. I get home Thursday at midnight. Friday Mr. W and I are delivering a desk to our Son at Expensive U, Philly. Then I come home, change my underpants and head to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days. I’m helping with a home renovation (budgets, paying vendors, oversight) and its time for a site survey. Then I come home and get started with Stan the Man’s publicity tour for “How to Retire Happy.”

Check out his interview.

AND - Stan Hinden and his trusty assistant at the book launch that almost didn't happen. Barnes & Nobel didn't have the latest edition of his book when Author and 50+ people showed up for the Lecture, Q&A & signing.

Cue Mr. Wonderful saving the day by fighting traffic to Stan's home, breaking in, breaking into his storage space, grabbing cases of books and zooming back to deliver books BEFORE the Q&A was over. As Stan said later: The greatest rescue since Superman caught Lois Lane as she fell from a 100-story building. IT WAS A DAY!!

Pat & Stan

This picture makes me laugh because Stan is standing up straight and I'm bent over double. HE IS SO CUTE!
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