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What color is it?

Since last November I’ve been to the Caribbean, Martha’s Vineyard, Arizona, Martha’s Vineyard, Ohio, Martha’s Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard and I’m leaving for Martha’s Vineyard again on Sunday.

The Martha’s Vineyard travel is interesting work. My good friends are gutting and renovating a vacation home in Vineyard Haven. I’m organization – budgets, construction plans, contractor bids, scheduling and any other thing that comes up. It’s a good fit, since I used to oversee big budget build out projects for CNN DC.

I don’t have to stress because it’s not MY money. But I stress because I don’t want them to have to pay one penny more than absolutely necessary. Which is my life motto.

In other news – when I’m home….Son came back for spring break and is happy, healthy and LOVES Expensive U. He’s graduating next year and that will be our last child launched. We dropped him back at school Thursday. I admit – seeing him bounce out of the car, hug us and run back to his life made me sniffy. For a horrible moment I thought the thought: We had so much fun raising our kids. Is the best part of our lives over now?

Then I took a nap, ate some dinner and got a fucking grip.

More other news… Mr. W, who is profoundly colorblind, got a pair of red tinted (goggles) glasses. They aren’t Rx, so they don’t correct his eyesight, but they do correct most of his color vision. PLUS – BONUS!! He looks so funny in them – like old people eye exam sunglasses only bright red. I call it his ‘signature look’ but only behind his back and under my breath, because 1) uber dork 2) adorable and 3) he’s so delighted to see color.

So here is the always sexy up the nose shot he took himself:
Toms glasses

It is beyond cute to see him so excited and thrilled to see the stuff everyone else sees every day. Yes, I know our bathroom cabinets are red. I do know we have a bright red car. Yes, there is a difference between a brake light braking and a brake light that has sunshine reflecting off it.

Sidebar: Holy Crap!! Apparently I have been snoring in the passenger seat all these years, blissfully unaware that Mr. W couldn’t really tell the difference between brakes and reflection. This is why he’s such a careful driver? Good thing I’m old and have raised my kids.

We went to the local state park today to look at an orchid exhibit and he pointed out every flower. OH MY HEART!

AND – Bonus Monster pix. Monster the WonderBunny is sure something is happening and he wants in.

I’m somewhere on I-95N or I-95S. My butt is numb…..
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