empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Rough crossing

The last three times I’ve taken the ferry from Martha’s Vineyard to Woods Hole (otherwise known as stage 1 of the journey home from Mass to Maryland) the boat has been rockin. Not in the good way.

HOLY KRAP. Every time I get on that island, the weather turns from rainbows and unicorns to howling, shrieking winds and rough seas. I roll in Sunday afternoon and the weather is lovely. Monday morning is colder, Monday night is ‘storm watch’ and Tuesday always starts out with the early ferries being cancelled due to rough seas.

I don’t get seasick, but boy howdie – I hate clutching the potty and trying to pee while the boat flings around.

Next time I see the house, the interior walls will be up and hopefully the kitchen will be installed. This is a fun gig. I’m really going to enjoy my September there!

My Mom – last seen in a wheelchair with a broken leg, has graduated to a walker and a (sorta) walking cast. She will be on blood thinners and oxygen (lung damage due to the post surgical blood clot) for quite a while. HOWEVER – my Folks should be heading home from AZ in April. I’m really hoping to convince them to downsize and manage their health a little – um healthier? Better? I anticipate a miserable series of conversations that will prolly go nowhere. I think it will take another disaster (care of which will land squarely on moi) for them to seriously consider downsizing their big-ass house for a more senior friendly space.

Meanwhile – my Brother, SIL and niece are coming in (really, really) late Sunday. Niece has been offered several scholarships, so they are doing an east coast college tour. Naturally, the weather will go from benign early spring to “sleety mix” the minute they arrive from SoCal. I don’t think my SIL has shoes other than sandals and flip-flops. The three of them will probably turn into ice sculptures.

Since it was nice out today, Mr. W and I plus two yard worker guys raked out all the gardens, ground everything up in the chipper and then blew the ground up leaf mulch back onto the beds. Score one for getting it done early! Afterwards, we took showers and then collapsed into naps. WE ARE SO OLD!

So now I’m making bread, in anticipation of company. Life is GOOD.
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