empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Fly-by update

First off is the BRAG/ADVERTISEMENT:

My boss, Stan Hinden, retirement writer extraordinaire – was featured in Michelle Singletary’s Washington Post column Sunday.

BUY HIS BOOK. You will be glad you did. Financial literacy is important! AND everyone wants to retire eventually…….

Spring has hit Our Nation’s Capitol with a vengeance. My hood is awash in blooming trees – Bradford Pear, Cherry Blossom, Crabapple. Up next will be the Dogwoods.

I’ve been campaigning to downsize (high rise condo!! one floor!! walk everywhere!!) for a while now – but spring in my neighborhood is so exceptionally pretty. The backyard is alive with birds. We have 6 birdhouses full of sparrows. The Robins, Blue jays and Cardinals have nested in the bushes and the Mockingbird is starting to strafe me when I get the mail.

The tiny wren in the house on a pole below our bedroom window guarantees that we wake up each day to birdsong. It’s lovely.

I’m pausing to remind myself how big and empty the house is now that the kids are grown.

Mr. W points out every forsythia bush because he’s seeing them for the first time with the glasses that correct his color vision. Did I know they were bright yellow? Yes, I did – but it is so much fun to watch him discover spring colors for the first time ever.

Spring in my hood also brings the annual Songkran Festival in the Wat Thai. I feel so lucky to have a Buddhist Temple within walking distance. Every year they have a really fun Sunday with little kids dancing and playing (strange to me) instruments. ALSO – stand after stand after stand of amazing food. My beloved Miss Peg & husband Gary, who hosted me for over a month in Thailand, come with, along with anyone else interested. The weather was perfect.

We watch the talent show, admire the worshipers and then eat our weight in really good food. This year Gary thought to bring a tarp, so no one went home with the seat of their pants muddy from sitting in the grass. What a smart man!

My Parents and favorite only Son both blew into town this past weekend. My Folks are back from Arizona. Mom is in a walking cast. Since Md is 3000 ft below Tucson Az, she doesn’t need supplemental oxygen. I’m glad they are safely back and sorry that they had such a hard time of it this winter.

Favorite Only Son had been miserably sick. After he had a lovely visit to a South Philly ER, he decided to come home and see the Kaiser Dr. Antibiotic and prednisone did their magic by the time he headed back to Expensive U on Sunday.

Daughter and SIL are heading off for a European Cruise, (I file this under *dying *of envy) and I’m bracing myself for 3 weeks of Monster the Wonderbunny duty.

Last time Monster was here, he alternated between hopping on the couch and getting in my face, running laps up and down the stairs and being underfoot begging for treats. Egads! It made me wistful for the days when he was a shy bunny hiding UNDER the furniture. Rabbits are sweet pets BUT THEY CHEW EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME – the hole he ate in my dining room carpet being the case in point.

So that’s the fly-by update.
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