empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Marshmallow on a leash

This is waaayyy to much information but:

I had a perfectly normal day. Dinner tonight was boring chicken and rice.

My innards suddenly began to backfire so loud and miserably that I had to go to bed early. The windows are open in spite of the chill so the house doesn’t explode.

Mr. Wonderful has been mocking me mercilessly. EGADS! I remind myself of a very old dog or my Great Grandfather.

Um – SORRY! I should have more interesting things to write about.

My Daughter and SIL are heading to Rome to embark on a cruise. I am *dying* of envy. I have Monster the Wonderbunny for three weeks. He’s been full of beans – doing laps up and down the stairs, chewing the carpet, begging for treats.

My Daughter brought him over Sunday. She put Monster on a leash and let him run around outside. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed stupid so much.

Being a rabbit, he ran around in the tiny gap between the house and the foundation bushes. Daughter looked really silly squishing behind the bushes, stumbling around holding a rabbit leash.

It took about a half hour of romping to wear them both out. Here is Monster relaxing. Daughter is wondering if her Mother will ever stop mocking her…

I ask you – doesn’t he look like a marshmallow on a leash?
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