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Bitch, bitch, bitch...

Upon my return from the land of dial-up, my Son greeted me as if I had been gone much longer than three days.


“The house fell apart without you, Dad turned on the oven and smoked us out of the kitchen.”  The whole place smelled funny.


Who knows what happened during my Olympic sitting stint in the surgical OR waiting room, but it took a trip to the grocery store for $118.  I hadn’t been in four days.  My Son treats the fridge like a home entertainment center.  He is skinny and starving.  And then he sheds socks.  I’m teaching him to cook.  Will that be enough to marry him off?


Mr. Wonderful moved routers, wireless thingy and possibly the space-time continuums to make all the computers in the house (at least 7 by last count) do something BETTER.  Now the office has a routing gizmo that makes the same amount of noise as a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower.  It was the one quiet place in the house. 


Additional nerd upgrades done while I was gone -  we can access itunes on any computer.  The songs play through the stereo speakers.  I never have to have the open-a-jewel-case fight to get a cd.  I can “search” on the computer for a song from the library (apparently a server in the basement), rather than stomping around through everyone’s cd collection for the one song I want to hear.  Fine by me. 


Last night I painted my Daughters bedroom to make it MIL’s. Today Mr. W and I snarled at each other as we hauled furniture and hung paintings.  Sometimes even true love just chaps my ass.  Plus – I’m going to really miss the gym for this next month.  No big, but he should be nicer.  Asshat. 


Dr Yummy wants to release MIL tomorrow (Sunday) to which I said NO.  It's snowing like crazy. I am not going to risk life and limb driving for 5 hours to pick up the heart patient and drive immediately home.  My rear is not up to it.  Oh!  Plus, there is no reason to die on the road after surviving a dangerous heart operation.  Dr Yummy was rather surprised by my attitude, mostly because I was grouchy after ogling him for so long.  Now he knows I’m fickle.


It must be time to eat chocolate and go to bed.  I’m mean and evil….  
Tags: bitch, bitch...
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