empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Why are the weekends always so short?

Saw "A History of Violence" this weekend.  It was really good and very disturbing. 

Spent today with my daughter the college freshman on the annual get started with Christmas shopping event.  I can always count on girlfriend to hit the mall in tireless in pursuit of gifts.  Teenage girls are commando shoppers - in, grab, out, onward!  She has cut my Christmas shopping effort/stress in half just by tagging along and guiding me. Plus - girls day out and a way to stay connected in her increasingly busy, independent adult life. 

When we dropped her off at college this August, I was surprised because I did not snivel the whole way home.  I was even more surprised that my son did.  I guess I just expected the opposite reaction from both of us.  Still, I wandered around the house for the rest of the day with an upset stomach and finally realized it was my heart breaking.  I want her to grow up beautiful, strong and independent, and she is.  But that day, in the quiet house, I grieved for the little curly haired girl who had a squeaky voice and loved to play dress up.  As much as I loved the person she had become, I missed the little girl she had been. 

Today she was full of news, loving school and doing well, other people in her dorm, parties, professors, plans.  She just vibrated with energy and happiness. 

When we got home, my husband had dinner ready so she stayed for dinner. It was really fun to have the four of us together laughing over spaghetti and salad. "Who pours your drinks?" my son asked.  "I'll have you know", she informed him huffily, "that I have not spilled anything AND I carry a tray at every meal."  We all just started laugh then, because she is the queen of spilling things at dinner and had to privilege of pouring her own drinks revoked one day last summer when she managed to spill on me twice in one meal....

It just seems like 15 minutes ago that she was a little girl.  Now she seems to be poised on the cusp of some great adult adventure. 

Tags: why are the weekends always so short?
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