empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

A really good Monday


Last summer I got hired to research & help edit “How To Retire Happy” by Stan Hindan. I quickly became his #1 Fangirl and had a great time with the research, editing and publicity for his book.

Last Sunday his book landed at #5 nonfiction bestseller on the NYT list, and #2 on the Washington Post paperback nonfiction.

WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT!

It’s a great book with tons of smart advice on how to plan for retirement. CHECK IT OUT.

THEN TODAY – Stan called and said that McGraw Hill wants to build on the success with a companion eBook, tentatively scheduled to be finished this summer. We’re going to start pulling old columns from his Washington Post “Retirement Journal” and his current column for AARP. Hopefully, between what he has already written & some new material he’ll be good to go quickly.

WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT! WooT!

Mr. W and I are hosting Stan and his special lady friend for dinner Saturday night. It was to be a thank you for having hired me and celebrate how good the sales have been. Now I’m celebrating being able to work with him MORE. I am SO PLEASED!

So that happened today.

As for yesterday ----- S’Mothers Day
We had a nice time. Favorite only Son called from Expensive U to tell me he loved me. It made me snivel a tiny bit but no one noticed. Thank Gwad. Then he said that he wasn’t sure where he’s going to live while taking summer classes but hey! He doesn’t need to figure that out till the dorm closes on Wednesday. So I said “Good Luck” and hung up the phone. Far be it from me to step in when life is about to give him a lesson…… Anyone else smell a self correcting problem? Too bad if he’s homeless on Thursday, since I’ve promised someone an airport run.

Then we packed up my Folks, Daughter and Mr. W to drive to Pa and visit MIL/Other Grandparents in their Pa retirement home. MIL’s community was having a luncheon. It was a good way to get 3 generations together to celebrate the day.

Plus I didn’t have to cook/host so YAY.

We got home early evening – just in time to go out to pizza with our Christmas Fatwa crowd. It had been a few months since we’d seen each other and the Hoye boyz are a foot taller then they were at Christmas. It was astounding.

PLUS – HOLY KRAP those boys can eat pizza. I wasn’t sure my fingers were safe. It was fun to have the whole nutty crowd together in the dive, swapping stories and jawing about the next prank.

This MD was a marked contrast from when the kids were little and dropped a dozen raw eggs on the floor. Mr. W skidded through the eggs and landed on his ass in the middle of the kitchen. Then they helpfully stuck their fingers in my OJ and spilled the coffeepot over the raw eggs on the floor. How can those days be over and more importantly – how did we survive? ZOMG! Mothers Day used to be parenting lessons, exhausting and require hours of cleanup. Now it’s just fun. Who knew?

AND FINALLY – I’ve been working with old friends, keeping the books etc for their Martha’s Vineyard vacation home renovation. Today, my buddy was going to be at Home Depo down the street from me, so we planned that I’d meet him in the parking lot to pick up invoices & documents I needed to bring the financials up to date.

I came cruising into the parking lot and right up to the !Crazytown! Garden Center. I beeped my horn because: obnoxious. My friend tossed a big envelope into the car and said, “There’s your money.”

“Great,” said I, “I’ll get your nuclear material.”

EUBoy Howdie – did that get us the stink eye from the people buying plants. So I’ll let you know if I get a visit from ATF because I’m a smartass in Our Nations Capitol.
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