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Friday was Mr. Wonderful’s and my 28th wedding anniversary. April was our 33rd since our first date.

First date I realized he was a great guy and decided on the spot that he had The One potential. It had never occurred to me with any other guy I’d ever dated. Mostly all I ever thought was FUN, with a side of good sex. Um – overshare?

We worked together and bumped into each other one night on metro on our way home.

I said (because I’m always hungry) “Want to go out for dinner?” He said sure, so I took him to Giffords, which was an institution around these parts, for really good ice cream. We had ice cream for dinner and I went on my merry way. Little did I know that the cute guy from work called ice cream “Vitamin I.”

Later in our dating life he took me to his hometown one Saturday for ice cream from “The Igloo,” near where he grew up. It was a 2 hour drive each way for ice cream, but was raspberry season and they made me fresh raspberry ice cream on the spot. I about rolled around in it.

I’ve loved him over half my life. I could write all sorts of mushy stuff because he is my home – but I’m not the type to gush. Suffice to say, Mr. W is a lucky man to have met me. I tell him that all the time.

For our anniversary, we drove to Philly & saw #Only Son who is taking summer classes at Expensive U. We went out to lunch, stopped by the grocery store so he could load up and hung at his apartment for a few hours. Then we drove home. I was snoring by 930p and nobody had to buy a gift or a card or wear uncomfortable clothes & eat snooty food. Not that that wasn’t fun in my younger days, but not so much now.

I am just *dying* to see this movie: http://twentyfeetfromstardom.com

Since it is only playing in New York & LA, Mr. W googled it and dropped a quick email to the Producer. About 3 minutes later, Producer emailed him back and told him where/when it would be in area theatres! HOW THAT FOR THE INTERNET?

Tomorrow, for Fathers Day, I’m cooking dinner for my Parents, Hubby & Daughter. Because all holidays begin and end with me cooking dinner. HURRAY.
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