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Helen Thomas

I owe LJ a much longer post. Suffice to say that Mr. W and I had been lonely people in our home. Then Number Only Son returned from college *as a National Merit Scholar* and we absorbed unexpected guests - a family of 4 (including two boys aged 12 & 10) Mom & Dad for THREE WEEKS.

So we went from 2 to 7 people living here in about an hour and boy howdie has that been the adventure. I think I spent $50/day on groceries. We finally used up the stash of fireworks we'd had for years, gave them the vintage Star Wars Leggos and had the joy of shoes everywhere and happy loud boys around. I am not ready for Grandchildren. Period.

Lucky for all of us - DC has been as hot as the surface of Mars. Good thing we have a great pool in our hood.

They left at 11a this morning and I've just finished the bathroom, bedroom, vacuume, dust swat around the house. I'm doing a metric shitton of laundry - I stopped counting at 8 loads. All this is in prep for the next round - my annual visit of my brothers twins - who are due to arrive later this week. Right now the thought makes me cringe, but later this week, once I've had a few hours alone and a full fridge again, I'll get excited. MOAR COMPANY YAY.

ANYWAY - I just read that Helen Thomas died. Through my career at both ABC News and CNN, I'd met her often and loved her. Here is my account of a great conversation I had with her back in 2008.

If you are a woman journalist today - you stand on the shoulders of these women.
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