empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

During my mid summer break from company.....

EGADS!! For the last three weeks, every time I step outside, I’ve felt like I was walking into someone’s mouth. Hot, humid and gross. Our Nations Capitol has been a miserable, sweltering hellhole. Is it October yet?

The atmospheric abomination has been compounded by having unexpected houseguest for three weeks. It’s too convoluted to explain how they landed here. HOWEVER: I stepped up when needed and now the happy family is headed towards their new destination. I should have a shitton of good karma from doing a solid favor for a family member. Again.

I plan to bring this up to my Mom next time she tells me I need to do something for her or get a haircut.

So company left Saturday at 11a. Mr. Wonderful, Number Only Son and I did a massive two-hour houseclean followed by about a zillion loads of laundry. Then we got carryout, watched “Pirate Radio” and slept for 12 hours. Today we drove to Pa for a Mr. W family reunion because nothing more fun than MORE FAMILY YAY.

Next Saturday my nephew arrives. Next Monday my Brother (his father) arrives and next Tuesday my niece (twin of nephew, daughter of only Brother). ZMOG – they live in the same house in California – WHY CAN’T THEY COME ON THE SAME EFFING PLANE INSTEAD OF SENDING ME TO THE AIRPORT 3 TIMES? Enquiring minds want to know!

Also – another week of company – hurray. I’m excited to see them. When they leave, I’m sitting alone in my home and not answering the phone.

In other news – the book I researched and edited “How to Retire Happy” by Stan Hinden had its big book signing at Politics & Prose. It was packed – 300+ turned up and Stan gave me a really flattering shout out in front of my family and friends. I had such a good experience working with him & I’m sorry it’s over. Plus – now I need a job.

Favorite Only Son is home for a few weeks. He leaves mid August for a semester in LA, Ca interning at a production house. Then he goes back to Expensive U for his final semester. Once he’s graduated from university, he’d like to move to Ca permanently. Personally, I can’t think of anything more awful than living in sunshine all the time, but my Brother (30 + yrs in Ca) likes it and my Son wants to edit movies. I guess I’ll visit often and suffer through the weather. Like I’m doing now.

I realize this post doesn’t make much sense. I had wine with lunch.
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