empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Be very very quiet...

Today is the first time in 5 weeks that I do not have houseguests. In spite of how pretty it is outside, I’m watching Breaking Bad ALONE BY MYSELF. YaY!

It was fun, but I’m beyond tired.

Naturally, in the midst of the tidal wave of company: Other Things Happened.

The good: My Parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The whole family was on the east coast by sheer happenstance, so we had a nice party.

The bad: In the middle of having teaming hordes living here, I discovered rot around the frame for our deck door. Cue lots of repair fun. My kitchen faucet decided to leak copiously in spite of the fact that I was cooking dinner for 7-12 people every night. Thank gwad the potties didn’t give out.

More good: Mr. W & I have a few more weeks left of what is probably the last time our Son will live at home. He’s leaving soon for a semester interning at a production house in California. Then he’ll finish up at Expensive U and move to the west coast for Adult Life. We can measure the rest of his childhood in days, now. It’s a strange feeling.
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