empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Smokin the credit card

I’ve been wearing out the numbers on my credit card this week.

Car # 1 needed new tires and a radiator & transmission fluid flush. Hope the Honda enjoyed its day at the spa and shoe store. It cost me $1,000 by the time I staggered home. What a revolting development.

THEN I took Number Only Son to UPS to ship all his shit to California for his upcoming Semester of Internship. Goodbye $501! It’s more cost effective than driving coast to coast and wearing out the new tires, OR paying air freight. Why doesn’t that comfort me?

Mr. W and I woke up in the middle of the night recently. In a whispered conversation, easier because of the dark, we both confessed to being sad that our kids are grown. Raising our kids was so much fun and it was over so fast. I guess we are going to miss the little people they were horribly. Which is so silly, since we love and enjoy the adults they have become.

It’s not all gloom around here – although next Friday when our Boy leaves for California will be dicey. We’re looking forward to our month in Martha’s Vineyard in September. Our beloved Miss Peg and Gary will join us for a week, and my Parents, Daughter & Son in Law should make an appearance at various times.

The other morning I stumbled out of bed and glanced out the window. This is why I don’t bother to garden anymore.

At my Daughters the other day, Monster fell so deeply asleep that he flattened out completely.
Tags: smokin the credit card
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