empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Such Family Enhancing Moments

Mr. Wonderful has taken Wed/Thurs off work, to have fun with Number Only Favorite Son before he leaves Friday. In honor of this laid back & relaxed moment in time….

We got a frantic early am call from Number Only Favorite Daughter. She managed to lock herself out of her condo. Since she has been working the overnight desk at CNN, early morning is when she is the most exhausted. I insisted on bringing her keys to her, not wanting her to drive when she was so pooped. Cue rush hour fun in both directions.

Luckily, I got home in time to witness Mr. W snap the drainage pipe from the master bathroom sink. The sink had been draining slowly, so that’s fixed.

Mr. Wonderful and Number Only Favorite Son have departed to see “Kick Ass II.” I’m watching Cleopatra (Liz Taylor & Richard Burton) on Netflix. Its not a bad way to wait for the plumber and will prolly help me cope when the time comes to write the ginormanous check…..


Plumber came, sawed a hole in the wall inside the bathroom cabinet - so I don't have to care or fix drywall and managed to fix the pipe. PHEW - I had visions of this being a long complicated fix.

On to the next calamity!
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