empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Out of the blue good things happen

We had snow up the whazzoo around here, complete with power failure, which made things a bit nippy for about 8 hours.  Who knew you need electricity for so many things? 


I grumped around freezing and then an astounding thing happened.  My college roommate called.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her, at least a decade ago.  She was in town because her Mom had knee replacement surgery.  (Note:  Everybody’s Mama’s are falling apart).  The minute she called, the power came back on which gave me enough time to shower before she came over.


What a bonus it was, this blast from the past.  We shared such a pivotal point in life.  We were young and dangerous together and survived to tell the tale.  Or – actually to agree that no one else needs to know…….


 We caught up on everything, family, love life, careers, travel and attitudes.  She lives in a different part of the world now.  Our lives have taken very different paths.  Still, when I saw her at my door the years rolled away and the laughter was just as I remembered.


So that was some gift just out of the blue.


Today we picked up MIL from the hospital.  She is installed in her room, which she loved (yay!).  The next month will be different from the life any of us in Empresspattiland is used to.  She has a long recovery, but that seems like a piece o cake considering how she has beaten the odds so far.


I’m off to make cheddar cheese/chive biscuits.   I better plan on making it to the gym somehow….
Tags: out of the blue good things happen
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