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I need to post more often...

I love lj – I enjoy reading all the blogs. Why o why can’t I manage to post more often? I have no idea…

Ok – to catch up – Mr. W and I had a great time in Marthas Vineyard at the newly rehabbed vacation home we had worked on for our friends. Instead of payment, we got to use the home in Vineyard Haven for three weeks. It was beautiful. When I got there it was warm enough to sit on the beach. I left after the trees turned.

Mr. W & I had a week with my beloved Miss Peg and Gary. When they left our friends Mike and Lynn (she of the aortic dissection) came for a week. We had a great visit with our friend Sally, who met Miss Peg for the first time (they’ve been hearing about each other for YEARS & got along as great as I expected them to) AND my Daughter and SIL came up for a long weekend. It was so much fun.

Then everyone left, I scrubbed the house, took myself around for a few beautiful, solitary days and came home. Here is a pix of how pretty my nightly walk was…..

VIneyard sunset

Had a great conversation last night with Number Only Son, currently living in LA and working two internships in addition to taking classes 4 nights a week. He’s having a great time and loving every minute.

Mr. W is gone for a few days golf with friends. I leave Friday for book club sleep away (my personal most anticipated social event of the year). Which means that for the next few days I’m solo at home – HELLO PJ’s by 7p (as if that is something new) and being King of the Bed.

My Daughter has been working the overnights at the CNN Assignment Desk since July. In that time there has been the Syrian crisis, the House GOP suicide shutdown march/enactment (comic relief) and Iran/US/UN. Nothing like a little news to keep ya busy.

She and her Mr. W deposited Monster the Wonderbunny here for a weekend.

Early morning, after up periscoping (standing on his hind legs, ears up, eyeing me until I opened my eyes) for a treat at the crack of dawn, the effing rabbit started running laps up & down the stairs. Then it was up & down the stairs & loops under our bed, demonstrating great curbing action.

This went on for a while which we ignored because it was SLEEP TIME. THEN he managed to run straight into one of the supports under our bed. Cue a butt shaking CLONK. I hopped out of bed scared to death the rabbit had killed himself.


Monster sat motionless under the bed for at least 20 minutes, cross eyed. He is way more wary of the master bed than he used to be.

I haven’t heard a thonk like that since my Daughter ran into a pole (apparently it jumped right in front of her) when she was 8. Point is, like Mother, like Rabbit.

Post vacation is Time to Get Things Done. So yesterday I had coffee with the girls, lunch out and then a mammogram, pelvic exam and flu shot all in one Kaiser stop. Talk about fun!!

Which was paid for by (me buying) my health insurance. Back to the GOP – hahahahahahahahah. Enjoy your time on Crazy Island.
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