empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Our Nations Capital

It would be impossible to overstate how miserable the Tea Party led government shut down has made Our Nations Capitol. Everyone wants their spouse to go back to work. My Daughter and Husband are working horendo hours at CNN.

To make the whole clusterfuck extra special, we had the “Value Voters Summit" in DC last week. Everyone there is a direct descendent of Phyllis Schlafly and Oral Roberts. In other words, bigoted religious asshole types with persecution complexes.

The VV types favorite thing to do was to stand and holler at the WWII Memorial. I feel so sorry for the Park Service employees. They’ve had the joy of working without paychecks while Senate & House elect pose and posture at the barriers with the loony faithful.

Just as soon as we got a break in the Week of Miserable Rain, Sara Palin showed up. She and Ted Cruz held an incoherent rabble rousing squawk-fest Sunday for 75 rebel fIag, Islam hating crazies that hauled ‘the barriers’ and threw them at White House Security. Who were also working without paychecks.

These govt workers put their lives on the line daily for the safety of other government workers and the thrill of listening to the idiot public.

Y’all send these assholes to Washington and we have to live around them. THANKS.

Tomorrow will be a big GOP schooling in the limits of power (otherwise known as "Don't fart and blame the Dog" - thank you Jon Stewart) and things will go back to normal. It can’t happen soon enough. I hope the Teabaggers form their own political party and disappear into the corners of right wing conspiracy theory. Bye BYE. They can’t govern and they have no manners.
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