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The Breaking Bad Quilt

Miss Peg and I met for sushi today. Her husband calls sushi “bucket of bait” which I think is hilarious.

Both our husbands are traveling for work and we are in the ZONE. Our days are very similar: workout in the mornings, out for lunch, cereal for dinner, sleeping in the center of the bed.

OF COURSE, we miss our husbands. But they’ll be home, eventually.

Its about 98% sure that she’ll be gone with said husband to another foreign posting by the beginning of March. I’m 98% delighted for them (and making travel plans). I’m also 2% sure I want to fling myself on the floor and pitch a HUGE ‘don’t go” fit.

They came back from New Zealand. They came back from Thailand. They’ll come back in 4 years. But ZOMG – I park my ass in her living room about once a week to talk books, politics and laugh for hours. I’ll miss her so fiercely.

While I yack, Miss Peg knits or quilts.

She calls this beauty the “Breaking Bad” quilt. Every stitch is done by hand and most of it was done while watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I think it is a truly stunning work of art.

Quilt 4

Here is a close up of an individual square.
Quilt 2

More fabulous
Quilt 1

Miss Peg is the Leonardo da Vinci of quilters. Thank you Breaking Bad!
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