empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Living alone

Monster and I are enjoying a final day of bachelor life here in Empresspattiland. He's munching on my corn plant. I give up.....

Mr. Wonderful came home late Thursday night from a week of business trip. Friday noon he left for a birthday present weekend in California with Number Only Son. He's taking the red eye back and will be home tomorrow early.

The brief turnover was fraught with crabby (him, tired) and irritated (me –oh can it!) plus the daily shooting incident – this time at LAX.

ANYWAY – Mr. W and Number Only Son are having a great time (skipping through fields of flowers holding hands, says Daughter).

Here is a picture of our Son in California, loving life. Isn't he pretty?

DaBoyz - they like each other:

Today is an absolutely beautiful day – cool, sunny and filled with the color of the sky and changing leaves. I love fall and winter, enjoy spring and HATE summer, so I’m heading into my favorite weather of the year. YAY.

CasaPatti in all its Fall Glory:
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