empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Fu Manchu's, Miserable Colds and Scaring the Rabbit

Mr. Wonderful hasn’t had facial hair since I was pregnant with our Daughter 26 years ago. I was overdue, so to make me more miserable he vowed not to shave his mustache until I was in labor. Three weeks later I pitched a fit. He departed to the bathroom to shave, then came to lie next to me. I thought he had shaved his mustache off. Wrong!

He had shaved the side closest to me in the bed. I remember falling asleep laughing and was very glad when he shaved the other half off the next morning. I was also glad to be in labor.


For reasons something something awareness of men’s health issues something, Mr. W is one of the Men of the CNN DC Bureau growing facial hair. He has a Fu Manchu, which I have to live with until December 5th. He reminds me of Captain Kangaroo.

This coincided with him getting what I call “the snorerater,” a snorkel looking thing he wears to bed to treat his newly diagnosed sleep apnea. It’s been weird on the overnights, around here.

So there he was, eating dinner Sunday, looking like the Captain, making me wonder if Mr. Green Jeans was in town. We were talking and laughing, when suddenly he looked up and me and said, “I feel terrible.”

In an instant, he’d come down with a miserable cold. Cue several gross days where, no matter what I said, he’d slog off to work. Finally, yesterday morning, I made him take Benadryl with as soon as he woke up. He was snoring the sleep of the truly sick and drugged within minutes. I took advantage of his passed outness to call his office and tell them he wouldn’t be in.

He proceeded to sleep most of the day BUT he came downstairs late afternoon to sit on the couch. Monster the Wonderbunny, visiting while Daughter & SIL are in Pa for Thanksgiving, was doing his happy hoppy thing around the living room.

Mr. W blew his nose like Foghorn Leghorn and the rabbit took off, ears flat to his head, under the couch to cower. He was really terrified. I walked into the room and he ran over to me for protection against THE NOISE. Right there with ya, bunny. We are ALL glad that Mr. W is recovering, before he honked his ears off.

Happy Thanksgiving, LJ Peeps. Y’all are the best.
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