empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Food, Crowns and Yuppie Gold

I remember my childhood Thanksgivings as a huge brawl. Our family and my Aunts family live minutes apart, so we always had the 4 adults, the 4 boys and me. Family events were LOUD and FUN. Which pretty much summed up every holiday, vacation and any family event from birthdays to good report cards.

Mr. Wonderful took me home to meet his extended family in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. I vividly remember my Mother calling me the Tuesday before saying, “Do not wear your ‘uniform’ to meet his entire extended family.” Mom meant my lifelong everyday ensemble of jeans, athletic shoes and a t-shirt.

To meet his family I wore my work uniform - nice tailored pants, a silk shirt and middle management pumps. I TOWERED over everybody. With the exception of Mr. W, no one in his family is taller than 5’6. Everyone came to about my nipples.

I sat in a tiny chair at the table. I swear my knees were up around my ears. His family was lovely, but I was a Giant compared to everyone but Mr. W. In addition to being Small People, they were Quiet People. It was nice, but very different than what I was used to.

After we had kids, Thanksgiving alternated between families. Sometimes my Folks came to Pa with us and sometimes everyone came to our home. Then the CNN years started and we mostly had Thanksgiving between work assignments.

So we started having alternate meals – Hubby and Son wanted ribs and mashed potatoes. Daughter and I wanted Lasagna and salad. I’d make it all. You really haven’t lived till you’ve had lasagna and mashed potatoes on the same plate.

Fast forward to this year. Daughter and SIL are in Pa with his Parents. Son is in Los Angles till December. Mr. W & I were alone for the first time ever so we went to my beloved Miss Peg and Gary’s for dinner. It is the first time in my adult life that I didn’t have to cook a meal. Mr. W made Butterscotch-Apple Mini Galettes and off we went.

The Gallettes had a carmal, butterscotch center and some of the yummy goodness had oozed out on the parchment paper. As we walked through the door, I peeled off a tasty layer and handed it to Miss Peg, who promptly popped it into her mouth. Two seconds later she spit a crown out. “Well,” she said, “look at this.” I boggled at her and said, “Why did you do that?”

We both agreed not to tell Teh Mens. Then we googled her dentist, found his cellphone number and left a message. After that, it was time to drink.

Hours later, we were feeling no pain, digesting a great meal and swapping stories. Gary reminded me of the time he was renovating his kitchen when I came over, scrapped up a square of linoleum and said, “You’ve got hardwood here. That’s yuppie gold.” It took them two weeks to scrape all the old linoleum off their kitchen floor, cursing me the whole time, but decades later it still looks great.

ANYWAY. We were starting on dessert when the phone rang. Dr. Dentist called back. He told Miss Peg to go to the drugstore and get Fixodent, glue the crown back on and come in for a real fix Monday. We confessed to the guys, who sat dumbfounded as we sailed out the door to the pharmacy.

I can’t begin to tell y’all how silly it was, two old ladies, kinda loaded, looking for denture glue. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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