empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Getting everyone up to speed

I'm trying to catch up. Here goes:

Mr. Wonderful grew facial hair for Something in November.

I was so happy when December 3rd rolled around. Here he is after being hit with a whipped cream pie for charity.

Good bye Fu Manchu. Thank GWAD he has a cleanshaven face again….

enigmaticblues came to DC on a work trip. We got to meet for a CNN tour and dinner. It was really fun. Here’s hoping she comes back in January.

Then Number Only Son came back from his semester in LA. He has one more semester in college and then will decamp for life on the west coast. I’m not sniveling. I’m happy for him. The thought of him so far away is awful. Mr. W and I have so enjoyed raising our kids. We were the (good) beginning of someone else’s story. I can’t begin to imagine a life that will be better with my Sons diminished presence in it.

About this time in my brooding, I tell my self to embrace the suck and get a grip. Still – welcome to my rabbit hole……

AND SPEAKING OF RABBITS - Monster the Wonderbunny just spent a week here. He nibbled every single wrapped package under the tree. Look how happy he is!
Tags: getting everyone up to speed
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