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Fatwa Success!!

The minute we realized that our Fatawa friends were having a dinner party, we knew the night we would deploy. Might as well horrify the departing guests....

Operation Fatwa 2014 was successful. Since their dining room faces the front of their house, I couldn’t spend too much time taking flash pictures.

Trunk full of Santa Pigs

Trunk full of Deerzill. It was pointed out to me that this was Deerzilla’s 4th year. He started out as 10 menacing deer. Mr Wonderful sculpted him into a Monster.

The Christmas Tableau – 4 Santa Pigs sitting on chairs around a table in the front yard, playing poker. We tossed a case of crumbled beer cans around. We used oreos as poker chips and stapled a deck of cards to the table.

Deerzilla was passed out flat on his back by the table, crumbled beer case on his torso.

Best of all – we made a sign of 2 foot high letters spelling out NEVER SURRENDER and hammered into
the front yard. Mr W was loading the car when I snapped this. IMG_6323

‘WoW, said the Hoye Boyz, “Pigs playing poker, wasn't expecting that.”

They were also impressed that my Son, in a truly horrifying 22 year old showoff moment, chugged a can of beer in front of the Hoye Boyz, crumbled the can and let out a sonic belch. He has a 4.0 at university and REAL SKILLS!!
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