empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

It makes no sense.....

I’m at the point in the Christmas season when I think that if I have one more special moment or meal with anyone I might lie on the floor and sob. Why do I find Christmas so (secretly) irritating? Too much sugar? Too much social? I’m baffled by my pissed-offedness every year.

“Oh Pleze,” says my Daughter, “Today is Christmas #4 for me.” Married, Hubby’s Family, Friends, Our Family. She wins the Christmas Marathon award.

For the record: Christmas in Empresspattiland lasts two days. Everyone over on Christmas Eve for a big event meal cooked by yours truly, then back again Christmas Morning. After gifts it’s on to brunch at my Aunt & Uncles, then dinner at our Fatwa Friends. You have to have stamina to survive Christmas in my world.

Today was Christmas #2, the annual trek to Pa to Mr. W’s extended family celebration. My take away, this year in general – our Parents are getting really old. It makes me nervous for 2014.

It has been a happy time around here. My Son & Daughter are doing great. Mr. Wonderful and I will survive another eating season. The New Year will happen – we have a rocking party to go to if only I’d quit saying UGH.

Am I the only person who gets this way?
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