empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,


I hate Valentines Day the way I hate painful hemorrhoid itch. 


And NO – it is not because I ever had my heart broken on 2/14. Lots o my 20’s was spent consoling friends who had their hearts broken, usually around this time of year.  I think this day was created to make women feel awful. 


Romance is such crap, unsustainable and ultimately disappointing.  Roses make me sneeze.  I can get my own chocolate.  Any bling I have ever received is sitting in its box in my dresser.  No, I do not want to put on control top pantyhose and go out to dinner with the romantics.  Yuck.


Give me a man who can change the oil in my car, kill a big spider and sit up with a sick kid.  That is my definition of sexy. 


I can always close my eyes and imagine James Marsters. 




But, could I ever really trust a guy with a smaller pants size than me?  Would he bring me coffee on a Saturday morning when I am lying like a slug in bed? 


Oh who cares anyway – in another few hours VD will be as far away as it can get for another year. 


That is something to celebrate.


Tags: valentine's day
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