empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

The big chill and the big purge

In Empresspattiland, it is exactly as cold and miserable as the news has been trumpeting.

It was 5 degrees at 9am and got up to a balmy 12 degrees this afternoon. Now its negative 1000 again. The furnace is always going, which makes me Ms. Runny Nose.

We met our Fatwa friends for pizza tonight, before number only Son goes back to college. Getting home after, I called it quits at 8:30p and climbed into bed to watch tv. Screw this – I’m going down for a long winters nap.

Last weekend, in a truly generous gesture, husband and son descended into our basement and did a major purge. Working clockwise around the room they went through every box and shelf, sorting and organizing. The difference is remarkable. Well, that and the fact that we don’t have 3 Santa Pigs and Deerzilla in our basement this year….

A huge pile went to out to trash pickup and a bigger load went to the dump. I went though ALL 6 big closets in our home took a car full to Goodwill. I went though the file cabinets and picture boxes and gleefully tossed a ton of old paper and duplicate pictures

We still live in a too big house. I have three sets of china and more couches than people. We didn’t go through the cabinets in the garage or even think about the backyard shed. However, it was a huge effort and for now it’s done. I no longer think I’d have to firebomb the house if I ever want to move.

Except for some outer periphery friends that I will see this weekend, the Holiday Eating Season is almost over. Although I hit a mid marathon tired point, I think this year’s celebration was really fun, more relaxed and less stressful than the previous few years. Thank Gwad!

I haven’t to taken down the Christmas tree, but that particular chore wait another few days. I like the tree. I might leave it up till Valentines Day. So there!
Tags: christmas and closets
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