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One of my best friends tried to kill me this week.

The usual suspects met for coffee on Tuesday, something we’ve done for years. BF’s daughter was home from first semester of college, so BF was infected with new pure germs from another part of the country.

All I did was drink coffee and laugh with her, but it was apparently enough to endanger my life. The next day I worked out, took a shower, drove to a lunch meeting and by the time I arrived, I had NO voice. It went downhill rapidly from there.

Friday I crept into Kaiser and managed 1) survive – everyone was hacking up a lung and 2) get home. I collapsed with antibiotic and my humidifier. I spent the next 48 hours coughing like a 10 pack a day smoker when I was actually conscious.

My deathwatch sent Mr. W and Number Only Son into a panic. They felt sorry for me, didn’t want what I had and they had to make meals because ZOMG I was miserable.

Antibiotics are a wonderful thing. So is someone else around here churning out the dinners. Today I got up and took a shower and put on clean pj’s. Then I very slowly took the ornaments off the Christmas tree. My Son carted everything up and down from the basement.

So now I am ready to start the new year. Wednesday we take our boy back to college for his last semester. The last time he’ll live at home will be spring break. Then he’ll graduate and move to LA for a job.

For years my heart would clutch when I thought of my kids grown and gone. Mr. Wonderful and I were very lucky – we had great kids and have loved raising them. I think I’ve (more or less) successfully made the transition from Parent to Mom. I’ll always be their Mom, but they don’t need parenting any more.

I know that we have been a good start to the beginning of their life story. They have been the crown jewels of my story. I’m so lucky to have had them in my care for a time.

But now its time to move on. Here’s hoping 2014 is a new beginning in my story.
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