empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

I've decided to live

For the first time since being felled by the Yak last Friday, I managed to get up, shower, dress and actually leave the house today. Did y’all know that the outside was still there? I was very happy to find it again.

Who knew that going to the Post Office with Number Only Son to get his passport renewed would be such a major outing? Woo HOO. Then I filled the car with gas. It was epic!

Tomorrow I’m going to have coffee with the girls. Then I might hit the grocery store and make dinner. The universe will be in order once more.

Once we drop our Boy back at University we have a truly Marriage Enhancing project to look forward to. Mr. Wonderful and I are going to convert our smallest bedroom into an office. For the first time in a decade our desk, filing cabinet and printer will all be on the same floor.

Before that happens, we’ll have to carry a dresser and a bed (which we have to take apart first) down two flights of stairs. Then we will have to haul a big L shaped desk up two flights AND redo the cabling and connectivity for the router, printer computers etc.

This has Big Argument potential, so if you hear a Sonic Boom on Friday, its us.
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