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Since when did "The Golden Years" involved moving so much furniture?

I have managed to fully survive the Thanksgiving to New Years Yak season. Egads! Now that Mr. Wonderful, Number Only Son and I all had antibiotics, we will live to get sick another day.

The last few days have truly been Marriage Enhancing. Wednesday, we took NOS back to Philly for his final semester at University. This involved hauling things down from his room and up from the basement, packing the car, driving to Philly. Where we wrote a big check and hauled his stuff up the steps, into the house and down the steps to his room.

We were brave toasters saying goodbye and then we sniveled for the first 15 minutes of the ride home. He brings so much energy and humor into the house. He’ll be home for Spring Break and then move to California. I can’t imagine a life where I only see him once a year. UGH.

Then we got home and hauled all the furniture from the little bedroom to the basement. The carpet looked beat, so I borrowed a cleaner and made it sparkle. Then, in a moment of genius, we realized that we didn’t have to put the office into the little bedroom upstairs. We could use Number Only Sons large room as an office and move his (leftover) stuff to the smaller room.

Or, as we said to each other “Why are we enshrining a room he’ll only sleep in for one more week?”

That made Project Office doubly tiresome. But we got his furniture moved and then did the real hauling. Huge desk, file cabinets, computers, printer ect. up two long flights of stairs, puffing all the way. I bet I hit my target heart rate 25 times. The room looks great, but I’m so tired I’m in bed at 730p on a Saturday night.

This was a long week both emotionally and physically, for Mr. Wonderful and I. I’m happy to report that except for a few OUCH moments (hauling heavy stuff up two flights of stairs means pinched fingers & sore muscles) we did everything with NO Martial Sniping.

It was the Golden Age Empty Nester miracle. I’m so glad its finished!
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