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As coherent an update as I can manage. Apologies in advance.

Since I last posted – summary in brief,  by order of occurrence. 

My Daughter threw me a surprise 59th birthday party.  It was easily one of the best nights of my life.  More soon, in a separate post.

My Son got a letter informing him that he was graduating Temple University in May Cum Laude.  After graduation, Tom is going with him to California for a week to help him relocate.  It will take me time to process my joy at his accomplishments and sorrow at how far away he will be.

I realized that I would not live near either of my beloved children.  Ugh.  I can’t even begin to talk about it without sniveling. 

Had a hugely loving and emotionally draining goodbye tour of my life as I understood it.  Saying goodbye to all the people I love is hard. Saying goodbye to my Parents broke my heart. 

Arranged for the sale of our home to our Daughter and SIL.  This means that they will live within walking distance of my Parents/her Grandparents and our Clan will still occupy the same street.  As my Daughter said to me tearfully, “The rest of my family is moving away.”  It broke my heart.

Saw the Veronica Mars movie with my Daughter.  I was a kickstarter backer and have the T shirt to prove it.  It was great to see my favorite PI back in action. 

Joined Tom in temp housing in Atlanta.

Found out there is not much funny about being homesick.  Sometimes my head feels as if it’s filled with bees.  I’ve sniveled in public and felt ashamed of myself and guilty about not coping better.  YEESH.

Rushed Tom to the Kaiser Urgent Care in horrible Atlanta traffic after he hella twisted his knee.  In my most anxious moment, a complete and random stranger helped us.  More on that later.

Was very relieved to find that he hadn’t broken or torn anything.  He left with crutches, a knee brace and a shot in his keister for pain.  THANK GWAD FOR KAISER.

Had a horrible day house hunting with our realtor, who is a Peach in every sense of the word.  I hated everything.  Tom was on crutches and in pain, but with an end date for corporate housing in sight, we had to do it.  We discovered that we were miles apart on what we wanted.  It made for a tough and sad evening for me after, adding to Tom’s overall misery.  FEH!  I hope we aren’t that miserable at the same time again.  It sucked. 

Found the (mostly) perfect home a few days later, put in a contract.  House is a few blocks from Marta in a very walkable ‘hood.  I’ve already found the library and the DeKalb Farmers Market. 

The woman we are buying from is the random stranger who advised me when I was floundering around trying to find an ER.  Tom had called her about her For Sale by Owner listing.  By the time she returned the call, he had injured himself.  I answered the phone and when she asked to speak to him, I blurted out what happened.  She was the calm voice of helpfulness.   

This resulted in a huge scramble to resked the sale of our Md home.  Kudos entirely to my Daughter & SIL for their heroic efforts.  They bent over backward to resked our settlement date.  It closed the deal for our purchase in Atlanta.

So I continue to lead a charmed life.  HOWEVER – Although I never took it for granted, I also never realized how many people I loved until I left Maryland.  When it comes to Friends and Family, I have riches beyond compare.  In my worst moments I have felt like everything meaningful in my life has been taken away from me.  I look at Tom and wonder if I won’t make him miserable because sometimes I’m so lonesome for everyone but him.

Today I realized that I have to treat my homesickness like any other illness and manage it like a rehab.  Its too huge to tackle front on, I have to address it in stages, day at a time.

Finally – Tom’s injury resulted in him needing to be driven to and pick up from work every day.  This means that I spend a considerable portion of my new life sitting in miserable traffic wondering where the HELL I AM, while fearing for my life since its perfectly legal to talk on your mobile phone while driving. 

Chauffer service has been the ultimate marriage enhancing experience.  AND that was before Tom got sent to DC Sunday/Monday for work.  Imagine my joy!

Phew!  Hopefully, I’ll find soon my personality, ability to cope and sense of humor.  Then I can fret less and be around more.
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