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Surprise Birthday Party.

My Daughter sent out this invite by hacking into my email account and getting all the address.

Greetings and Salutations!
The one and only Empresspatti is having a birthday at the end of February. Because every year she copies me and schedules her birthday RIGHT BEFORE MINE. Selfish.

But as many of you know by now, my father recently accepted a position in Atlanta, and my parents will be moving soon. So instead of wearing all black and throwing myself onto a fire pit, I'd like to throw her a party first.

So, wonderful women, I'd like to get you all together for a surprise birthday party at the end of the month. That way she doesn't have the chance to tell me no. Fun, right?

The theme is gold glittery fun, obviously. Also the theme is SURPRISE (Dad and Grandpa, I'm mostly talking to you with that last part).

Friday at 6p, and going until Mom has to go to bed.

I hope to see everyone there! There will be food, booze, cake, and Pat - what's not to love?
Mr. W told me that we were going out to dinner with friends. I had spent the day preparing to move and at 5p had found 100,000 years of old tax returns that needed to be shredded. I was in krappy, dusty clothes (glorified pj bottoms and a sweaty shirt) and my hair was walking around on my head. My signature fashion statement.

ANYWAY – I whined about going out “Friday nights, ugh, I just want to stay home and shred tax returns.” I didn’t change my clothes.

For the record, when Mr. W said, “are you wearing that?” I should have known that something was up. He has NEVER noticed what I am wearing.

I complained the whole way to the ‘restaurant’ and blithely accepted that we ‘needed to stop by Daughters first’ without asking why. THEN, when she greeted us all dressed up (and carefully controlling her face at my general appearance) I complimented her and said, “You look so beautiful, where are you going tonight?” I obliviously followed her into the party room of her condo and was absolutely shocked when 50 people yelled SURPRISE at me. I swear, I used to be smarter.

In short order, I was adorned with a glittery crown and a spangle belly dancing scarf. I proceeded to have the time of my life and laughed until I was horse. I was delighted to see how many spouses of girlfriends showed up too. Then my Son showed up – he came in for the weekend from college for me. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and the FOOD WAS AMAZING.

I have said it before but it needs to be said again. In the course of my life, I have been richly blessed with family and friends. My Daughter and Son have been unending sources of Joy. Mr. W is the best, my Parents are wonderful and I am a very lucky person.

Finally – the following Tuesday, meeting my peeps for coffee at 11a, like every week for the last 8 years, I wore my glittery crown. It was fun to recap the party. Then I ran errands – grocery store, library, bank and car wash. At the end of the day I walked in the house and realized that I had never taken the crown off! I about fell down laughing at the fat old grey haired lady walking around in the glittery star crown.
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