empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Potty Drama

No, not the gross kind BUT -

Can I just tell you how very very very happy I will be to live in a place with more than one bathroom? This apartment is nice, but I NEVER want to share a bathroom with my husband again.

AND - Home Inspection-Georgia: Apparently - of the 3 potties in the (new) house, the master bath toilet is some kind of water efficient low flow blah blah blah. (Note to self - never let Mr. W use that potty) and the other 2 are just regular flush.

ANYWAY - due to the horrible drought that Ga experienced a few years back, some of the 1000000000 counties in Ga passed ordinances that ALL potties have to be low flow hippie dippy flush.

So, although big flush potties are grandfathered in, new potties OR when you sell a house, have to be low flush. OR Ga water will turn the water to your house off within 30 days of occupancy until you comply with the potty police. So, IMHO, the question became: Does the seller have to replace 2 toilets before I buy that house?


But maybe only Unincorporated Decatur needs to comply and Incorporated Decatur (where we will live) is exempt. ANYWAY - I spent a good deal of yesterday emailing and talking to our broker, our settlement lawyer and our home inspector about if I was going to be able to use all three toilets in my house and/or take a shower when I got home in May.

We are settling end of April in Ga, then departing for Md for Sons college graduation. We might get back to our new house just in time to foul out on the 30 day no water till potty compliance rule. ZOMG all I did all day was talk about toilets.

Still don’t know. I have never talked so much about toilets to so many people in my life. Yesterday was one for the books.
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