empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

A Woman without a Nation

I owe everyone comment replies. Can't yet. I'm trying to stay out of the snivel zone.

In the last 10 days I have:

Thrown a dinner party
Hosted Mothers Day dinner
Moved my Son from college in Philly to home
Shipped Sons belongings to California
Travelled to Philly for Sons Cum Laude Graduation from Temple U
Thrown a Graduation/Birthday/Goodbye/Housewarming Party for a bazillion people in my back yard. Had a great time and drank too much.
Said goodbye to my Parents, dropped Son and Husband at Airport for Sons relocation to California for his Adult Life. It was too early in the morning for me to snivel.
Prepared my home for moving
Supervised 2 craters guys and three packer guys. I’m proud to announce that I managed to convince them to transport my post party leftover booze across state lines. Also – I’m pretty sure my chandlers from Venice and Istanbul will arrive intact. Or I’ll kill everyone.
Watched my old life drive away in a truck
Interrupted Daughter and Son-in-Laws first nookie in their new house. Whoops, sorry, but the garage and back door were hanging open.
Watched Daughter and Son-in-Law paint Master bedroom & Living Rome. I approve of everything they are doing, but can’t summon the energy to help
Had dinner with BFF’s and drank way too much
Joined my Iron Maiden Book Club for Happy Hour, where they presented me with a airline ticket home for the book club meeting in September. Also drank too much.
Woke up Rocking a Hangover for the third time in 6 days.
Went out for sushi with Miss Peg. Laughed so hard I got a headache
Was invited to dinner at Miss Peg, where the whole family and me laughed endlessly at shared experiences and memories over the last 25 years.
Had coffee with my post college roommate – I’d lived with her for 10 years after college, until I married Mr. W. Was there for the birth of her first son, and every other family event for 40 years since.

Then suddenly – there was a gigantic pause in the universe. My Husband is somewhere between California and Atlanta. My Daughter is bridesmaid at a wedding. My Parents are in Arizona (I’m squatting at their house). My Son, who turns 23 today, is in California.

For the first time ever a Milestone Event happened with no Family Celebration. I didn’t have everyone over for dinner and cake. I won’t be the home that does that. I’m sitting in a house not my own, alone with no responsibilities. It’s quiet.

I took myself out for a massage. Now I’m watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. I’m someone else today and my world is gone. I thought it would be harder? Am I in shock?

The moving company just informed me that our belongings will arrive a week later than planned. Guess I’ll have plenty of time to paint with nothing to trip over. Let’s all contemplate me in a new state, home, life without a coffeemaker. I’m sure to make a good impression on the neighbors as I stagger to the local coffee place every morning for a week.
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