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The State of Me

Today I realized that I was at a tipping point. Either I post now or I Just Give Up.

2014 has been a year on roller skates. I just re-read my last post and it made me tired all over again. Now I wish my life was that easily explained.


SO – Mr. W and I are now living in Decatur Georgia. We landed in a tots fab hood. The neighbors have welcomed us with a graciousness that has been as surprising (to me at least. It would have never occurred to me to make a casserole for a new neighbor) as it has been wonderful.

Tom got here before me. There was a bottle of wine on the front stoop with a note saying WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Later that day a group of 10-14 yr old boys knocked on the door to inspect him and told him where to get the good ice cream and pizza. He was thrilled. It made me realize all over again how much he misses his boy.

Update on my BOY: Our Son has successfully relocated to California and landed a GREAT JOB. That is a story in itself, so here goes. Mr. W & Son are on plane, heading for California. Couple next to them has a cranky toddler with an ear infection. As my Son told me later “Dad and I alternated playing Peek-A Boo for the entire trip.” At the luggage carousel after the flight, the couple thanked my boys for being so understanding. Mr. W said his standard thing – No problem, been there, they grow up fast, pointed to Son. This led to a conversation about the trip. The couple assumed vacation, but when Evan said “recent graduate, film major” the man handed him a business card and said, “Send me your reel.” Turns out he was the head of Diesel Films. Evan had his reel sent by the time Mr. W had the rental car. By the time they got to the hotel Evan had an interview date, which he nailed.

His first project – follow the link – was REAPER. This impressed the head of NIKE LA advertising enough to request him for the 6.6.14 Point Dume and 6.14.14 Downtown videos. That in turn led to being allowed to film and edit a spot on the USS Iowa. My boy has landed a great job, doing what he loves, with great resume enhancing work right out of the gate. We are so happy for him and so relieved that his transition to adulthood has been this positive. I also have to laugh – all those years of pounding my kids with financial literacy information – good education, good job, and assets not covering your ass with expensive jeans etc paid off in spades. Hurray for self-supporting adulthood. There were times when I despaired! Now I just miss him like the fury.

Update on my GIRL: Our Daughter and SIL bought our house and have happily been renovating, painting and settling in. Since we were also BFF’s, I miss her in an entirely different way. I can’t talk about it without winging, so suffice to say: I MISS MY FAMILY SO BAD IT CLAWS AT ME. I miss Monster the Wonderbunny and all he did was chew holes in my carpet - holes which now belong to my Daughter, so there is justice in the world.


We had a very labor-intensive month, painting the interior of the house, unpacking, figuring things out. Getting our drivers licenses and the cars tagged and titled took me two entire days, but it was a welcome relief from painting and unpacking boxes.

Finally, the last Friday in June, I was done. There were some curtains to hang in the bathroom and a few pictures to put up. The reupholstered couches were due on Monday. So I tossed a load of laundry in the washer and sat down.

Cue copious amounts of water spewing out from under the washer. I got it stopped right away, opened the linen closet and dumped the contents on the floor of the laundry room, but the water soaked through to the downstairs, causing damage to the walls and ceiling in the entrance, living room and downstairs hall.

Our insurer sent water abatement guys who ripped up my newly painted walls, ceilings, crown molding and floorboards. They set up 4 huge blowers and dehumidifiers, plus strange pulsing mats that sucked water out of hardwood floors. The inside of our house sounded like a jet engine for the better part of a week, which complimented the war zone ambience.

Because things weren’t stoopid enough – The DeKalb Water guys came to replace our water meter. I’m glad I know where the outside shut off valve is, but ironic timing. PLUS – two days later, I had a HUGE puddle in my front yard. I called the emergency number. They sent a team that dug a huge hole in my front yard, then tore up the sidewalk in front of my house and dug another huge hole. At one point that day, I had two teams of three guys tearing up the interior and exterior of my new house.

ALL I could do was giggle – as my Daughter said: That huge pile of dirt really makes your white fence POP.

I had to call my Parents & other friends to tell them they couldn’t make their scheduled visits. That was a singularly awful moment in my life and made me realize how much I had been counting on seeing them. BLERGH. This has been difficult emotional terrain.

Further mayhem commences this week. There will be more ripping down of walls and ceiling, then new drywall etc. We have to be out of the house while they refinish the floors, so I need to figure that out.

Who knows when I’ll ever do laundry at home again. The very thought gives me PTSD.

To top off the domestic drama, I sat on one of our potties last week and it rocked ever so slightly. I now have two brand new toilets, because of course.

I am so over water karma AND living in a trashed house. Hopefully August will be better……
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