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Somewhere along the line my life seriously derailed, so buckle up people. I’m going to tell some stories.

When last I wrote, I was reeling from moving and having it rain inside my house the minute I finished unpacking. SO – it took about 5 weeks, but my house was dried, my walls, crown molding, baseboards were restored and painted. My hardwood floors were refinished – which was a bonus, the old dark stain sanded off and BEHOLD the lovely red oak below. I got a new floor in the laundry room, and put in a new washer & dryer. Last count I'd put 25 gallons of paint on the walls.

Then I unpacked all my stuff – again – and had company for the next 5 weeks. Then the Tuesday after Labor Day happened.

Mr. W and I were eating dinner when I saw a strange car in front of the across the street neighbors driveway. Then I noticed 4 teenage boys heading for the back yard. ‘That doesn’t look right,” I remarked to Mr. Wonderful. THEN I heard the sound of glass breaking and said “That definitely doesn’t sound right. Call 911.”

Tom picked up the phone and I waddled out the front door and into the street to get the tag # of the car.

I was hollering at the top of my considerable lungs in my best Newsroom Mom voice “HEY!!! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Cue boys running out of the house (they had smashed the glass back door) and heading for the car. It made me FURIOUS. “I’VE GOT YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER AND WE’VE ALREADY CALLED THE COPS. YOU BETTER DROP THAT BACKPACK.” Honestly, you could have heard me in outer space. They zoomed off.

The police came, took our descriptions, asked me about 100 times what I did (Hollered) managed to find the abandoned car a few block away AND one of the criminal geniuses – holding the backpack. Also funny – the car was so recently stolen that when the police went to talk to the owner, he didn’t know his car was missing.

Our neighbors came out to find out what all the noise was about right when Tom got in the back of the police car to ID the perp. To my ETERNAL regret, I didn’t think to take a picture of him in the back of the police car, which would have been the best Christmas card ever. Anyway, between hearing me yelling at Max Volume and seeing Tom in the police car, it took a while to explain everything.

Then Tom returned from ID fun, we called the homeowners & they came home to a smashed back door, but the Police had already returned the backpack (homework and a flute), which was the only thing they took before I blasted their eardrums.

The next day I came home from the grocery store to a sign on my mailbox that said:

I was the hood badass. Hee. Just goes to show, I can yell at kids like nobody's bidness.

SO from there I went to Jekyll Island and had a great week with a couple of CNN BFF’s. We’ve all left the company, but we covered the news & traveled the world together at one point and it was a really fun few days.

I wizzed back to Decatur from Jekyll, had a great weekend with Mr. W – it was his birthday. I gave him a bike and we bought a gas grill. Then I headed to DC for a visit with family and friends. It was a great two weeks. I made the Book Club overnight – always a highlight of my year. I saw my family and was thrilled by the changes my beautiful Daughter made to the house. It was a great decision to sell to her and our SIL – they have worked hard to make it theirs and it’s both familiar and fresh and different and lovely as ever. Saying good-bye to her was hard, but I knew I’d see her again soon.

I just didn’t know how soon.

SO its Friday afternoon and I’m due to leave Saturday morning for Decatur. I’d have three weeks at home and was then going to travel with my cousin the National Geographic contributing editor to Venice, Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Instead, I tripped coming into my Parents house (where I was staying) and broke my right femur. It was a horrible nightmare of ER’s, emergency surgery, complete with a rod and three screws inserted in my thigh and Acute Care Rehab.

That was two weeks ago today.

I’m expected to make a full recovery – but it was a bad break. My post operative apt with the surgeon was Tuesday. He said it would be 10 weeks before I could reasonably be expected to have healed the bone, muscles and tendons enough to walk normally and probably 6 months to a year before it was really in the rear view.

This has been some year.
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